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Who’s it for?

The 1:1 Diet is a You shaped Plan.

That means it’s so flexible, it can pretty much be tailored to meet you and your individual lifestyle. Just check out some of our success stories to see how one-to-one support, meal replacement products, and a flexible Plan has worked for them. We also know that in some cases, a diet might not be the right thing for you, that why our Consultants check in with the medical experts before signing you up.

Devron Schwind

Weight Loss: 101.8 kgs
Consultant: Maria Akritidis
State/Territory: Victoria

When I contacted my closest Consultant, I knew I needed to lose a lot of weight but was surprised when the scales hit 176.8 kg. At first, I had to re-learn everything, how to run, jump and hop. After along time avoiding things in life due to my weight I am now planning on getting on a plane for the first time in 15 years, to take my beautiful wife on a holiday for our 25th wedding anniversary holiday. I feel like a teenager again and my new future is looking very bright and I can’t thank Maria, the plan and my wife enough.

Laura Goodman

Weight Loss: 22 kg
Consultant: Holly Leiper
State/Territory: New South Wales

At 34, a mum of 2 children, I found myself bigger than ever & was continuously sluggish and exhausted carrying an excess of over 20kg’s on my short frame which put me in the obese category for my height. I no longer felt desired or worthy of attention from my husband and blamed myself and my weight gain for a dramatic downturn in our marriage. Thanks to Cambridge and the support and knowledge of my amazing consultant Holly, I felt supported, motivated and remained accountable. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 when losing 22 kgs. 

Todd and Victoria Banks before and after on 1:1 Diet

Todd & Victoria Banks

Weight Loss: 32.1kg
Consultant: Michelle Farrall
State/Territory: Western Australia

We started the 1:1 Diet as a newlywed couple, aged 24 and 21. We had been married for a year and the “comfort” weight was starting to show. 

The 1:1 Diet fits into our young busy lifestyle so easily and with all the delicious flavours we weren’t left longing for unhealthy snacks and cheat meals. We can highly recommend the plan for other young couples who wish the take their weight-loss journey together. This plan has made our marriage stronger and healthier as we took this challenge together and shared our struggles and triumphs.

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