Todd and Victoria Banks before and after on 1:1 Diet

Todd & Victoria Banks

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My Story

We started the 1:1 Diet as a newlywed couple, aged 24 and 21.

We had been married for a year and the “comfort” weight was starting to show. We had gotten lazy at making healthy dinners and were opting for fast food as an easy option.

We began going to the gym and eating healthier meals, but for every one step forward, it seemed as though we were taking two steps back. We would use the excuse of “working out” so that we could eat a cheat meal.

We found out about the 1:1 Diet through a news article and thought it looked like the perfect solution for us! The one-on-one consulting with Michelle was exactly what we needed to keep us in check. The ease of this plan to fit into our busy lives enabled us to stick with it and not give up with eating fast food instead.

The learning curve that follows this plan as we went through the steps has helped us to control our portions and learn what foods we should be eating for a healthy and balanced diet.

Todd has always suffered with asthma and needed to use his puffer at least twice a day, but after losing weight, he no longer needs to use it as much as his breathing has improved. As Vicky started to lose weight, the pain she suffered in her knees after playing netball and working out at the gym decreased rapidly. She no longer feels pain in her knees and finds herself running around much more freely.

The 1:1 Diet fits into our young busy lifestyle so easily and with all the delicious flavours we weren’t left longing for unhealthy snacks and cheat meals. We can highly recommend the plan for other young couples who wish the take their weight-loss journey together. This plan has made our marriage stronger and healthier as we took this challenge together and shared our struggles and triumphs.

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