The Australian Lockdown Diet Report

by | Jun 9, 2020

Recent research conducted here at The 1:1 Diet has found that a third (30%) of Aussies have already put on weight since self-isolation began for COVID-19 in March.

The Australian Lockdown Diet Report, surveyed 1000 adults and revealed that stressed our Aussies are consuming more junk food (34%) and alcohol (18%) with nearly half (44%) finding that they are snacking throughout the day.

Check out our infographic for all the stats!

The severity of the COVID-19 outbreak has brought about wider conversations around the nation’s health and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. And it is clear that during these times balance has been a difficult thing to maintain with so much change being forced upon us as a society.

How will you come out of these restrictions?… will you be looking to get back some balance into your normal routines and heading back to previous healthy habits? Or has this been a time to access that you need to make some changes to the way you live your life, in isolation and out of it.

That being said, not everyone can do it alone and some of us will need help and with two-thirds (37%) of Aussies are finding it hard to control the temptations at home, this is where The 1:1 Diet can make a difference.

While lockdown is causing lots of people to turn to food for comfort, its implications on our health is not going unnoticed. From anxiety to boredom, the top 10 reasons dieters have seen a weight gain during lockdown are:

  1. Comfort eating
  2. Exercising less
  3. Eating foods they wouldn’t normally consume
  4. Being bored
  5. Lack of routine
  6. Drinking more alcohol
  7. Feeling stressed or anxious
  8. Not being able to go to the gym
  9. Not being able to maintain a weight loss plan as easily
  10. A lack of contact with others

If you are wanting to change the way you have been using food and are feeling inspired to start your own weight loss story?

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