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Throughout my struggles with my ”menopause” weight gain, I watched my friend Michelle post about The 1:1 Diet on her socials. Seeing her success and even the clients she proudly entered as Slimmer of the Year finalist. At first, I tried looking up what this was all about, but I didn’t reach out to Michelle straight away and kept trying to go it alone. Then last year on a weekend away together I asked Michelle to tell me more about it; still I delayed. Finally, I messaged to tell Michelle I was ready to give it a go, after all what did I have to lose…oh that’s right about 35kg!

I was very excited to start and since my first delivery of products in October, I haven’t once thought that this is too hard. I honestly think that the motivation and support I have received from Michelle along with the commitment to check in every week has made all the difference. I started with Step 2, have found the products I enjoy, and never once have I felt like I was hungry. I find the products so convenient to grab and go making breakfast and lunch conveniently easy with a busy work life. I was already a reasonably active person who loves hiking, kayaking, and snorkelling but I set my first goal to lose 15kg before I went on a four-day hike in Tasmania in January. By the time I started the Three Capes Hike I had lost 17kg and proudly told my walking buddies that my 14kg pack weighed less than what I had lost so far. I haven’t stopped since, always looking for my next adventure; mountains to climb, oceans to swim, kind of attitude with this new love of life.

I can’t get the smile off my face. I love the comments I get and no longer avoid the camera being pointed in my direction. I have even found that my transformation has been inspiring to my friends and workmates who have noticed not only the weight loss but also how happy and confident I have become.

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