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Life’s been a struggle, a battle almost. But life also has a way of sending you a wake-up call just when you need it. For the past few years, my husband’s debilitating back injury meant I had to step up and juggle an already busy schedule. The balancing act of running my own publishing and editing company, while trying to be upbeat for my teenage son, and staying positive and supportive of my husband’s inability to be his usual self, all while managing our small farm meant that I had to grasp for comfort where I could find it. Unfortunately, comfort took the shape of food.
My wake-up call appeared in December 2021 when my husband had life-changing spinal surgery. It was during his week in the hospital when I was first able to take a breath for seemingly the first time in years. With that relieved, clarifying breath, I just knew we could get back on track.

For me, not only did it mean I’d get my husband back, but it also meant I was committed to making the most of this fragile thing called life. I promised myself I’d make healthy, happy choices. Promised myself that I’d do what needed to be done to be the best version of myself possibleone who’d be around to play basketball with my son, one who could spend a weekend fencing without curling over and that I’d get healthy enough that next year, we’d hit one of my husband’s recovery goals of surfing for the first in ten years.

And it’s all happening. I’m well on the way to becoming a fitter, healthier, and happier version of myself. With dedication, hard work, and an incredible consultant to support and guide me, I know our surfing goal will be fulfilled. I also know that it’s so much more than a single, fun goal. This version of myself is where I’m at my happiest, my most content. Following 1:1 has ensured I have a new lease on life, and I’m beyond grateful to have found a plan that works and is so accessible.

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