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“My name is Lauren McElwee and I’m 29. I have been in a relationship with a lovely man for 5.5 years. For 4 years I have worked as a School Administration Clerk. I play basketball and do jazz dancing.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I can’t remember a time where I can say I was at a healthy weight. Through school I never fitted in school dresses that I had to get tailor made. At high school I remember in year 7 doing a sports class when I was asked by a boy whether I was in the right class because of my weight. As I was getting older, I started to find it hard to buy clothes off the rack and would worry whether I could find something nice to wear.

When I was 19 and 20, I tried to lose weight with another diet, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to maintain my weight long term. I put that weight on and more.

The way I came across The 1:1 Diet was when my mother needed to lose weight for surgery. I told her out of support that if she came across a program to help her lose weight I would join too. I still had my own goals of wanting to become healthier and happy with the way I look, but also for my future for when I decide to have a family.

As I have progressed through the program, I can feel a difference in my fitness playing basketball. It is much easier to move and run down the court. Also, dancing is a lot easier as I don’t get out of breath easily. My mental health and confidence has sky rocketed, and I’ve never felt so comfortable in my skin!

My starting weight was 105.2kgs and now I weigh 69.9kgs! A loss of 35.5kgs!

Life is so much more exciting as I have the confidence to wear different things that I’ve never worn before. I will forever be grateful for The 1:1 Diet, my family and Carmen, my Consultant. It’s changed my life! “

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