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I’m a 34-year-old mother and wife and have been overweight since my early 20s. I had just had my baby At my heaviest I was 96 kg and miserable I avoided everything from social outings, weddings, shopping even funerals because I was so ashamed about how to look and felt. I was consistently asked “when is the baby due?” when I wasn’t pregnant. I was fed up, lost, and angry until one day I googled 1:1 diet and found Marianne, my consultant.

I started my Journey in March 2020. Little did I know that we were headed into a lockdown that would last throughout my journey. It was the hardest most rewarding experience of my life, there were plenty of tears and doubts about failure. Each day was one step at a time, one kilo at a time all with Marianne in my corner backing me 100 percent. I was finally in control of my body again only to discover that I was already four months pregnant.

Fast forward 7 months and I am back again losing what seemed like the same weight all over again. Fair to say 2 babies are still overweight still in the longest lockdown in history there were some dark days. The days would turn into weeks, with no sign of freedom and no sense of purpose. The weekly Thursdays phone call and sneaky hellos when collecting my order along with long chats on the phone were at times the only thing that felt normal. I can’t believe that I lost close. to 30 kilos twice. That’s 60kg.

My life is a million times better than I could’ve ever dreamed it to be, I’m a healthy BMI, and enjoying my gym classes and pilates. I have energy for my kids, and my husband and I enjoy eating healthy and nourishing my body, walking with my kids is now my favourite activity. The 1:1 diet gave me back my life, and gave me control over my weight I wish I had done it years earlier. Thank you 1:1 diet and Marianne.

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