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“I headed into my 50’s feeling overweight, tired, and unfit. I had recently been to the doctor, and she had prescribed blood pressure medication. This was not how I had imagined it was going to be. I had promised myself I was going to be “ fit & fifty” and that didn’t happen.

A friend of mine had started The 1:1 Diet and I caught up with her regularly in her first 6 months and I was in complete amazement at how much weight she was losing every time I saw her!

I always thought I needed to be in the right head space to start a diet and watching her success was so motivating that I made the decision to start The 1:1 Diet. Together with my friend Christine, we made an appointment for an initial consultation.

It was the best decision I have made in years! The program was so easy and worked in with my lifestyle and family commitments. The first few weeks saw big losses which were encouraging and incredibly motivating, I felt like this was something that could work for me.

After the first four weeks I started exercising, something that I had previously felt too unfit and unmotivated to do. The more weight I lost the more motivated I was becoming. Having my friend Christine on Plan with me, was also a huge motivator as we shared the journey.

After three months and 15 kilos of weight loss I no longer needed my blood pressure medication! This was huge for me; my motivation was my health and longevity, and I could see it was coming back! I am now over 25 kilos down and walking 6km a day, I feel great and doing all the things that I previously thought I couldn’t!

The 1:1 Diet has been completely life changing for me and I am so proud of myself.”

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