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Hi, my name is Joe Limongelli. I am 59 years old. This Easter I went on a camping trip with my fantastic partner, Theresa Dingley, family, and close friends. We had a great time and took lots of photos and wow, that’s when it hit me. In looking at photos I saw someone that I didn’t want to be – an overweight man who seemed unattractive – it saddened me to have transformed into this. To add “salt to the wound”, I was getting warnings about possible cholesterol medication if I didn’t do something about it. These were my turning points. With the multitude of diet programs, how do I choose? Yes, I love my food but I needed something that gave me variety, nutrition, and high impact. I was scared to go to the doctor again in an overweight state.

With a stroke of luck, my partner came across The 1:1 Diet, and in finding out more about it, it really excited us. It met my criteria – simple, quick acting, nutritious, variety, easy to transition with a maintenance plan, and suitably priced – perfect I thought. What can I say, within 6 weeks I got down to below my “goal” weight. I had lost around 17 kgs or just under 20% of my body weight. The meal replacements are tasty, satisfying and so easy….can’t believe it.

Even though I am a driven person, the journey and commitment were made much easier with the support I and our dieter group received from our consultant (Theresa Dingley). Her passion, enthusiasm, and belief in the product are infectious. Her support program for all dieters really kept us engaged and provided useful tips to help our journey. It became fun as well.

The second half of this year sees me attending many special celebrations and I am now proud to show off the new me. I have been in my maintenance phase since my 7th week of joining and have surprised myself to have lost a few more kilos. Oh – did I mention that I can now have great fitting clothing!

Admittedly, I am also loving it when people come to me and can’t believe the change. Even for an “old” bloke, this is a very satisfying compliment! Thanks to The 1:1 Diet and my precious consultant, Theresa Dingley for helping me on my journey to becoming the best of me. I am sure my doctor will also be impressed when I see him next.

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