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“I am a 55 year old female office worker, I am married with adult children. Over recent years through poor life style choices and menopause implications, my weight ballooned out where my clothing style blew out from a size 12 to 18.

Twelve months ago my GP undertook blood tests informing me I had high cholesterol and I should try and lose weight. At the same time my sister-in-law’s weight had also blown out through a medical condition and the surgeon would not operate until she had committed to significant weight loss, recommending a gastric sleeve which she did not want to consider.

My husband previously worked with Carmen our 1:1 Diet Consultant and suggested I talk to my sister-in-law to consider the program which I did, offering also to participate for support. In the end I committed to the program with my sister-in-law and her daughter where we have all had pleasing, significant weight loss. My sister-in-law has now had her operation, because of her great weight loss.

I have lost 21kgs, feeling more energised and have seen my cholesterol levels return to normal ranges. My clothing is back to a size 12 and I now feel healthy, energised and undertake daily walking to maintain my health and fitness. I am now a strong advocate of The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, regularly referring new clients to my Consultant.”

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