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I have always been a “chubby” kid with a healthy appetite for good and bad food. But the last 5 years I have really struggled with my weight and overeating and over snacking. I was always “hungry” (or so I thought). I was teased at school and was very uncomfortable with the way I looked. I wore oversized black jumpers, despite the weather, to try and hide my body. I’ve always been active and played various sports. I play competitive football and while I had great skills with the ball, I was unable to keep up with my teammates and the other players physically. I was regularly benched on the sidelines and was ready to quit sport all together. As a kid in my mid-teens, this really affected me mentally.

Then, just before my 16th birthday, my Mum suggested we go on The 1:1 Diet as a family. I started on Step 3A and found it so easy to follow. The choc mint shake and choc mint bites are so delicious!! Having a calorie-controlled meal a day taught me the foods I should eat and that I can eat well and feel satisfied. Having my family going on this journey with me too was an added bonus to keep me on track. I set myself milestone goals along the way, which motivated me to keep going, with the ultimate goal being my goal weight, which I have met.

I have lost 41kg and I feel amazing. I am playing the best footy of my life and I now play basketball too. My friends, teachers, family are amazed by my results, and it makes me feel good when they complement me. I don’t feel like I need to “hide” under baggy clothing anymore.

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