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“My wife was complaining that my snoring was becoming too much so I visited a doctor who conducted a sleep test. The results showed I was borderline suffering from sleep apnoea. The diagnosis was to lose weight or get a CPAP machine. I advised the doctor that I would lose weight. That was 15 years ago and not only did I not lose weight, the snoring got worse.

I’ve never been a consistently big eater, but I have enjoyed a beer or 3 over the years. However, marrying into an Italian family meant many delicious pasta meals – something I was not used to coming from England. As a result of carrying the extra weight and in addition to the sleep apnoea symptoms, I found it difficult to find the motivation and energy to exercise.

With my wife and I approaching our 50th birthdays, and a son who was very overweight, we decided we all needed to do something to improve our health. A friend had started The 1:1 Diet and was getting fantastic results however I was sceptical, but I wanted to do it with my family. The scepticism soon disappeared as the weight came off. The meals are delicious, and I soon learnt how to manage a calorie-controlled diet.

I’ve lost 24kg and have hit my goal weight. I am no longer snoring, meaning the sleep apnoea has been cured so I’m sleeping better, and I have so much more energy. My wife is happier too. I’ve recently taken to walking daily and it’s not unusual for me to easily take a 10km walk.”

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