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I’m 46 years of age and work as a registered nurse, married with three boys 17, 15, and 13. I’ve slowly been putting on weight over the past 10 years more so the last 4 and started to feel really unhappy with how I looked. I know deep down I was spiraling and drinking way too much wine and eating the wrong foods between my normally quite healthy breakfast, lunch, and tea -although I thought was healthy but now realise I did not have a balanced diet and was barely exercising. This caused me to have bad sleeping habits which impacted the quality time I should have had with my family. At the end of last year, I made a vow with my friend Judy, that 2022 was going to see us lose weight and succeed.

I had been recommended the 1:1 Diet by a friend who encouraged Judy to join me. January 11th I weighed in and was determined to lose the weight, but to be honest I just wanted to feel better about myself and “like” by body again. It has been the easiest diet I have ever tried. I’ve never purchased food with a diet before, but this is what I thought would work best for me as I didn’t have to think about what food to buy or what to make, I just had it on hand and readily available-no excuses. I also loved that it worked with my family in that I could eat my three products during the day and then I cooked a healthy dinner with my family at night to eat together.

After 4 weeks on the diet, I started walking-I could barely do 1-2kms previously without feeling like I was going to die. Judy and I pushed each other and we went from 3kms to 4kms for about 10 weeks and now we do 6km walks every day and feel we have so much more energy than before.

After losing weight relatively quickly, I am maintaining my goal weight. I would still like to lose a few more kilos but I can now say I love how I look in the mirror and I’m happy, I have a new lease on life (while still enjoying my food but incorporating 1:1 Diet meals in my day) I now want to be active and outdoors unlike how I was pre January 22. I know I will have to keep working on this but the 1:1 Diet has impacted me and my family in such a positive way and I highly recommend this to anyone that needs inspiration for weight loss and a positive mind.

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