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I am 55 years old and battled with my weight all my 20:s 30:s & 40:s. I was always successful in business, and I run a successful renovation company here in Perth WA. When it came to myself personally before the 1:1 Diet it was a yo-yo scenario, and I would always put the weight back on, comfort eating, etc. I had a very troubled childhood fear of abandonment, fear of not being worthy, and simply not being enough. It led to toxic relationships and men not worthy of who I am. I went on a program called Women on Transition, Heal Grow & Love. I learnt to create my life and say how my life goes to focus on myself to love myself and my fulfillment now. Losing weight has made me feel so much healthier than I have ever had in my whole life. I have bought a road cruiser motorcycle, got into size 8 jeans, do Pilates, and enjoy spending time with me. I am stepping up and shining. It’s like I have stepped out of my former self and into a new me.

Having the support of my consultant has been amazing, not only does it make you accountable every week, but she is also a fantastic counselor, I have laughed and cried with her and she has become a great friend. I wrote a letter to myself recently which was a “sorry” letter for all the stress I put myself under, the excess weight on my knees, the feast and famine, I promised myself in my letter never to do that again to my body, and maintaining now with 1:1 Diet in my 50’s, feeling the best I have felt in my life….. I won’t!

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