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“My name is Andrea McElwee. I am 55, been married 35 years and have two adult children. I’ve been a Teachers’ Assistant for 23 years. I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life, trying another diet many years ago, losing 10 kg.

In 2011 I had Cervical Spinal Surgery. I was prescribed medications which lead to weight gain and was also diagnosed with an Underactive Thyroid which was causing further weight gain.
In 2022, started experiencing back/leg problems. Being referred to a Neurosurgeon, it was decided that I would require major spinal surgery. This surgery would be performed by having incisions in both my stomach and back so that a cage, etc. could be inserted to stabilise my spine.

My Neurosurgeon advised me to I would need to lose 30.5kg as being overweight could cause problems during surgery. He suggested Lap Band Surgery. I told him that I didn’t want this. If I was to lose weight, I wanted to have the satisfaction of saying that I did this on my own.

I later heard about The 1:1 Diet, making contact with Carmen, a Consultant in Launceston and commencing the diet on 9th May, 2022.

My starting weight was 112.3 kg and I’m now 69.9 kg. A loss of 42.4 kg!

I saw the Neurosurgeon in August 2022 to see whether surgery could proceed. He couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost! The surgery went ahead on 27th October 2022.

Losing weight has had a huge impact on my life. I feel so much healthier and have been able to stop taking my Blood Pressure medication. I feel happier and have more confidence. It’s a nice feeling having people commenting on my weight loss.

I now find it exciting going shopping for clothes, able to buy straight off the rack instead of worrying whether they catered for my size. Still can’t believe that I am able to do this!!!

I have so much to be grateful for discovering The 1:1 Diet, having the support of Carmen and my wonderful family. Couldn’t have done this without them.”

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