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Bulleen VIC


Monday – Friday. 5:30pm  to 9pm
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Works from home
Virtual Consultant
International Slimmers Choice Winner
National Winner
National Finalist
State Slimmer of the Year

My Story

I’m a married father of 3 children and an Engineer living in Melbourne. Being overweight & obese for most of my life has negatively impacted my entire life. Early on in my “teens” and later in my twenties, a time when a “young man” should be in his prime, I continued to make bad health choices, never considering the long term consequences which eventually lead to excessive weight gain. I constantly used food as a comforting tool and it became an easy way to deal with stress and work pressure. This weight gain contributed to a significant lower spinal disc injury which stayed with me and continued to get worse over the years. Additionally, going to events with my family became exhausting, going to my children’s sporting events was increasingly embarrassing and painful, travelling for work or leisure on aeroplanes became excruciatingly difficult and uncomfortable. Basically all activities, family or otherwise, were unpleasant. So after years of nagging health issues, lower back pain, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure and after attempting many different weight loss programs, I knew in my mind it was time to make a real effort for a healthier future. Then thankfully my wife introduced me to Cambridge Weight Plan after she had started and I saw real weight loss progress and improvements in her health.

I decided to give Cambridge Weight Plan a go. With the support of a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant,  with some perseverance and determination, I managed to lose 75kg in just 8½ months. Reaching my goal weight was an amazing feeling but more than that, all of my health issues disappeared. Cambridge Weight Plan was and is, a lifesaver for me, my energy levels are vastly increased and all activities in my life are now enjoyable, family or otherwise.

With the abundant scientific evidence supporting Cambridge Weight Plan’s effectiveness in weight loss and after witnessing amazing weight loss results in hundreds of people with Cambridge products and ultimately, from my own immensely positive experience, I made a decision to become an accredited Cambridge Weight Plan Independent Consultant. I truly feel that the Cambridge Weight Plan is the best, most effective and enjoyable weight loss program available today. Utilising my experience with Cambridge Weight Plan, I look forward to share, guide and support you through your successful journey and help you reach your weight loss goals.

I won “Slimmers Choice Award at the 2019 International Slimmer of the Year Awards”

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