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Curtin ACT


Book Online:  www.leannewalshe.com

Certificate IV in Weight Management


Works from home
Virtual Consultant
Studied Nutrition
Consultant to State Slimmer of the Year
Consultant of the Year
Business Development Award
State Rising Star
State Business Champion
Social Media Standout Award
5 years consulting
Bronze Champion

My Story

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I’d lose some here and there but was never successful in keeping it off. Like many others, I found myself starting over, again and again and then hating myself for failing. After years of yo-yo dieting and having tried many diet programs with little success, I decided enough was enough, this was not a healthy way to live.
In 2016 I came across The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. With my Consultant’s support, I lost 25kg in less than six months. Following the plan, I learned how to maintain that weight loss and I finally feel like I have my life back.
Feeling fitter, healthier and better about myself than ever before, I decided to become a 1:1 Diet Consultant. I am passionate about helping others find their way to a healthy weight and lifestyle.
I honestly believe this program offers the best weight management plan available. With dedicated one-to-one support, steps to suit your lifestyle and with some accountability thrown in, you will find it simple to use and easy to follow.
It worked for me and it will for you too!
I understand how it feels to be overweight, including the emotional aspects and baggage that comes with it. If you are committed to making a change, I will offer you all the support, encouragement, and motivation you need on your own weight loss journey AND most importantly, to maintain that weight loss long-term.
Take the first step today and contact me for a free, confidential consultation. I have a home office in Curtin, ACT and offer remote (virtual) consulting to clients all over Australia.
Let’s work together and make this the year you can say “I did it”!
If you change nothing…. nothing will change!

What people are saying…

Leanne is an excellent consultant and an inspiration to me and truly helps me retain my focus.
Sonia, ACT – Jun 2021

We have just completed a “Make it Happen in May” Challenge which was a wonderful initiative and something I was happy to be a part of. The best part was each day we received a message from Leanne motivating us and keeping everyone focused. The messages were authentic and very considered, many of which I have already looked back on! Thanks Leanne, you are great at what you do, and I should mention it works!
Kim, ACT – May 2021

It has been a pleasure meeting you and being a part of this weight plan. The last 2 weeks have been amazing, and I am enjoying it. To be very specific, Leanne is a great consultant here in Canberra, she keeps a track of how I am going with this plan, checking regularly if I have any side effects, making sure I am following the plan properly and last, but not least motivating to keep going and encouraging that I am doing great. I have done this program in a different country but have never felt this confident and encouraged before.
Prathyusha, ACT – Jun 2020


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