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Concord NSW

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Concord NSW


Monday 12-6pm
Thursday 3-6pm
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Works from home
Virtual Consultant
5 years consulting

My Story

Previously I’d tried other weight loss products and initially they all worked but after losing some weight I wasn’t able to maintain the weight loss, therefore putting the weight back on plus more.
After a family bereavement and some concerning health results, I decided that this time round I was going to lose weight and keep it off for good!

With amazing influence and noticeable results of a close friend, I decided to ask what they did that transformed them so dramatically. The answer was – Cambridge Weight Plan. With Cambridge I lost 30 kg, I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made and I’ve been able to maintain the weight I’ve lost. I look and feel great and could never imagine going back. I can now help you and others create BREATHTAKING results, whether they are large or small.

If you’re sick of diets, and not being able to achieve your desired results, let me work with you and together we can transform and achieve your weight loss goals, and create a new and healthier lifestyle that you desire.

Take the first step in achieving your goals for a healthier life – give me a call!

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