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My journey began the day my son told me he was going to get married. I pressed the panic button and all I could think about was how I was going to lose at least 15kg so I could buy a couture dress and look and feel good on my son’s special day.

Losing weight has always been a challenge for me and a goal that I have never been able to maintain until now. Over time I have tried multiple diets and exercise programs but have never been able to see any program through. Then one day, I caught up with a friend for a coffee and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I said to her – WOW you look amazing and her response was Cambridge Weight Plan!!!!! My reply was – What’s Cambridge Weight Plan? Before I knew it, I was on the phone to Marianne my Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant and I have never looked back. My Consultant helped me lose the weight that I needed to lose 14kg, and then taught me how to keep the weight off.

The way I describe Cambridge weight plan is Its easy, I don’t have to count anything, I don’t have to figure out anything, I just have to follow the 6 step program plan that Cambridge offers.  Its time saving, it’s convenient and it works. I found the products very convenient and very easy to prepare especially with my very busy lifestyle. The Cambridge Weight Plan is a nutritionally balanced program offering flexibility through a wide variety of shakes, smoothies, chewy and crunchy bars and savory option like spaghetti.It includes a personal Consultant to help you every step of the way.  It teaches you how to maintain your weight while continuing to enjoy your life.

I have now become a Consultant and I am here to support encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals. I would love to be part of your weight loss journey.  I can offer you the support and advice that you need as I have been there, and I can relate.  Losing weight is not an easy task for anyone, but through my success I feel I could share my experiences of the program to help you to achieve your own weight loss goals. Looking forward to supporting and coaching you through your journey to becoming the confident happy feel good new you.

Please contact me now to start your transformation, Please note, I work from my home office 3 days a week. Tues-Thurs by appointment only but am flexible if you need a specific time slot before or after work.

Ph or text: 0414 365 857



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