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Grays Point NSW

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Grays Point NSW


NSW Regional Coordinator


Works from home
Virtual Consultant
Consultant to a National Finalist
Sponsor of the Year
Business Development Award
5 years consulting

My Story

After just 5 days on Cambridge Weight Plan, I woke up, my weight had reduced and my body was a different shape. Amazing. It was the start of one of the best decision I have ever made. I have travelled through clothes sizes 18-20 to a size 10 and have successfully become 33 kilograms lighter.
Like most of us, from those who would like to reduce a few kg’s to those who wish to reduce 50+kg, I have experienced the roller coaster of climbing weight, a number of diets, migraines, feeling less than socially acceptable and isolation.
Feeling like the person looking back at me in the mirror was not a reflection of who I really was inside. Wondering how and when that got ‘lost’ and who the hell was looking back at me!

I wanted to reduce the weight once and for all.  To get this ‘phase’ over with as soon as possible, to move on and start the things I really wanted to do. With Cambridge Weight Plan I achieved this. With Cambridge Weight Plan I was shrinking week after week.

It’s an amazing feeling. Together I’ll share with you a tried and proven way to success.
I’ve experienced Cambridge Weight Plan, I know what it’s like to have weight issues and once I understood the plan, it became easy and clear, the weight just disappeared.

A bit about me:
I’ve travelled the globe, worked, lived and experience many people, cultures, customs and life styles.
Along the way I trained to become a qualified Remedial Therapist, Nutritionist and Certified in Traditional Chinese Massage and Acupressure. And to make sure I had the ‘space’ right, I became an Accredited Feng Shui practitioner.
That covered the ‘holistic’ side of things. And to fulfill the ‘logic’ side, I became the Operations Director of a successful international coaching organisation, with seven countries in my region. At the end of the day, it’s about people and working out with them, what they already know to achieve their true potential. Bringing the YOU inside to the outside.
Experiencing the juggle act of life and I now feel great. Better than I did in my 20’s or 30’s, without a doubt!
If you would like to bring the YOU inside, to the outside, contact me and let’s do it together.
This is not a diet, it’s a weight plan. Let’s make it easy… I’ll share with you my experience, my journey on Cambridge Weight Plan, help you overcome any challenges you may have and help you to your success. It’s amazing.
Cambridge works, why diet [‘die’ doing ‘it’], when you can do Cambridge Weight Plan: not feel hungry, reduce weight and feel great at the same time.
I invite you to contact me and let’s see how I can best support you.

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