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I love my body but I had put on weight since I had my daughter 8 years ago and I just didn’t feel great. My brain and body felt sluggish. Trying to think of things to cook and do to lose weight just felt too hard. Was it possible to find something I could stick to that was zero effort on my behalf where I still got to eat with my family?

Well sticking to The 1:1 Diet plan definitely wasn’t zero effort but it was extremely rewarding. The weight came off pretty quickly and consistently and I lost 12kgs in total, the first 8kgs in just 3 weeks! The best part was I got to feel so much better and it gave me so much more energy. My mind felt calm and clear and I was no longer having to manage my hanger.

As a hypnotherapist who specialises in healing childhood wounds I know that the coping mechanisms we develop in childhood often reek havoc in our adult lives. Food is one of the only things we can get our hands on as children to try and comfort ourselves. When we are struggling with our weight – there are so many factors that make it challenging and that’s why the one-2-one support as well as the great tasting products really helps you make lasting changes.

Let’s do this together.

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