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Sans Souci, NSW

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Sans Souci, NSW


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After so many years of trying to lose weight, like many others I found most diets really hard to stick to. Then menopause set in and boy was it generous to me. Weight appeared around my torso and it started to look like a beer belly – well I don’t drink, but it just got larger and larger! Covid hit and I was stuck at home, so I cooked and ate and cooked and ate!

One day whilst scrolling through Facebook, I saw that my friend had lost 47kg!! I called her straight away so I could find out her secret and she told me all about The 1:1 Diet & what an amazing Plan it was!  I contacted my closest consultant and started my own journey almost immediately & the weight just fell off. I lost my Covid and menopause torso, and feel fantastic.

I love being on this diet as it is so easy to do, all the thinking is done for you. I grab my meals and off to work I go. I loved it so much that I have now become a Consultant, so I can help others who are struggling like I was.

Life is just beautiful.

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