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A close friend told me once that I would remain the same until such time that the pain of remaining the same became greater than the pain to make the change.

For years I was happy to complain and hate on myself, yet never committing to do anything to change that. I became a professional “excuse maker” coming up with every reason to start a new diet and then another new reason to give up on it.

Then I arrived at the same age that my mother was when she received a cancer diagnosis… It was really a situation of ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’ – it seems that last year when I realized that I was living a life that my mother was not afforded and yet here I was still disregarding myself; the moment had arrived when those pain scales tipped! I was finally ready to commit to myself.

My consultant Carmen kept me on track like no other mentor had been able to. She understood the different levels of progress and had an answer for me as to why things were happing in my body at each step, making it easy for me to understand this journey and to just trust in that process. Once my mind was set it was ridiculously easy to stay on plan and work through the steps. I reflect on all those years I was waiting for the right time until Carmen very clearly told me one that there I no such time, and that I must make the time right! This has stuck with me and helped me to stay on point.

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