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My weight gain wasn’t something that happened overnight. It was gradual. I promised myself every day that “tomorrow would be different” and that tomorrow never came. I used food to comfort myself, food was my “friend”. I ate to suppress the emotions of a troubled upbringing. I used food to punish myself, I used food to convince myself that I was OK, to relieve the constant blame that was put upon me. I used a smile for that too.

To the outside world, I was the “funny one”, the one with the big personality, the great job. But that was so far from the truth. I was hurting inside, and my body was showing the signs of my pain, screaming for someone to notice. I mostly ate alone. In cars, late at night, or driving to and from work. My husband showed me the unconditional love I never had growing up, and healed me one piece at a time. The only thing he couldn’t help me with was the weight loss itself. I had to do that myself, but him cheering me on as my biggest supporter.

I met Maria as a truly broken person. She was my last resort. The smile in the “before” photograph hides the pain. Each week as the weight started falling off, so did the burdens of my past. For me it wasn’t weight loss. It was breaking the shackles and setting myself free. The 1:1 Diet gave me structure, focus, and Maria as my cheerleader. I looked forward to meeting with her every week, good or bad, and breaking the food cycle.

Every day is a “work in progress” but I am proud of the person that I am today, and how the “right” food and mindset ultimately set me free. I am no longer a prisoner in my own body, and I am forever thankful to the 1:1 Diet for being “The One” that ultimately gave me my life back. I am a better wife, mother and friend because of it, and I am forever thankful.

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