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I’m a married father of 3 children and a Professional Engineer living in Melbourne. I’ve always struggled with weight and obesity. Recently, after turning 40, I’ve been suffering more with lower back issues, sleep apnoea, an endless reluctance to do anything active with my family due to overwhelming exhaustion and increasing back pain, which I realise now, was leading to depression. In the past I’ve tried many half-hearted unsuccessful weight loss attempts, 2 serious efforts… all failed.

When I was 28, I decided I didn’t want to hit 30, as a smoker and obese, so I commenced a grueling schedule of exercise and low-calorie dinners. Although this was somewhat successful, the success was very short-lived, I quickly gained weight. Then after successfully giving up smoking at 36, I continued to gain weight excessively as a non-smoker. Unfortunately, when I was 40, I was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary gland, which required surgery and 6 weeks of radiation to eradicate.

Again after completing the radiation, I continued to gain weight, probably as some form of coping mechanism. Although I should have been happy that I’d made it through the cancer successfully, I guess I began to lose motivation due to the weight I’d gained and just continued to make bad choices and overeat. Then at 41, I made my second big attempt to lose weight again with the same grueling exercise, sometimes skipping meals altogether.

Although losing some weight I quickly gained it all back. Going to events with my family became exhausting, going to my children’s sporting events was increasingly embarrassing and painful, traveling for work or leisure on aeroplanes became excruciatingly difficult and uncomfortable. Basically all activities, family or otherwise, were unpleasant. I also began to worry about my future particularly regarding my kids growing up, worried that I wouldn’t see my kids finish Uni, get married or have kids themselves. So after my wife recommended it and I saw real positive weight loss results in her with Cambridge Weight Plan, this sparked a new motivation in me to try again, particularly approaching 50.

Thankfully, I met my Cambridge consultant Maria, who was a major support “pillar” for me. The weekly weigh-ins gave me that accountability & extra motivation which kept me focused. My Cambridge consultant helped me change the way I approach nutrition which was missing in the past.

After 8½ months I managed to lose 75.2kg, so reaching my goal weight was an amazing feeling but more than that, all of my health issues have disappeared. No more sore back, no more sleep apnoea or snoring, no more exhaustion and no more embarrassment. The 1:1 Diet was and is a lifesaver for me for 3 main reasons.

Firstly it is easy, no more grueling exercise programs. The great quality, variety, and taste of the meals also made the journey easy and enjoyable; I look forward to choosing a different type of product each time. Secondly, it enabled me to take back control of my health and remove all my health ailments and thirdly facilitated a massive increase in motivation for life and living.

My energy levels are vastly increased and all activities in my life are now enjoyable, family or otherwise, thank goodness for Cambridge Weight Plan!

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