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My Story

Weighing in at over 180 kg at 22 years of age, I woke up one morning and thought “WOW is this my life?” Living in my bedroom watching TV, gaming, and eating… a generally sad lifestyle and I didn’t realise just how bad it had become. I would only leave home to go to work or buy takeaway food. Most of the time I didn’t even have to leave my room, everything just got delivered to me, it was all about convenience.

Looking back, I realised I never treated anyone nicely, as in that mindset I just wanted to be left alone. I was suffering depression and using food as my coping mechanism. My mother used to tell me all the time, but instead of taking her advice I chose to live in denial.

I was a baggage handler for Qantas, and I was constantly getting injured. My injuries were more from my weight than the actual work. Since starting the program people have commented not only on the way I look but also my attitude and mentality shift. People like the new me and it feels great. After losing 83 kgs in just 35 weeks I realised anything is possible in life, you make your dreams and life better from within you and the Cambridge weight plan was the first step in my new beginning. I go out more and socialise with friends and family, and I finally found the confidence to start dating and looking for a potential girlfriend.

I recently got a promotion at work , due to the new mindset and confidence that this program has given me. My sleep apnea has also disappeared, and my snoring has ceased to exist. After successfully losing all this weight, I find it very important to set an example to the younger generation who are so consumed in gaming and easy fast-food delivery, that they forget to live their lives outside.

This new epidemic is the reason I gained weight and suffered depression, and hopefully people can read my story and it can make a difference to them. My family and friends have had a huge part in this journey; their support and encouragement helped me get to where I am now.

My consultant has been my number one fan and supporter, and has changed my life but more importantly, saved my life.

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