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My Story

When Covid-19 shutdowns hit both my husband and I worked very hard to manage both work and looking after our children and their schooling. On my part this often meant working late into the night, taking the easy option with food, and fuelling up on sugar to keep me going into the night. It didn’t help that the pantry was only a couple of metres from my work desk. Exercise was non-existent as there was no time. When it came time to return to the office my work clothes of many different sizes no longer fit me. Something had to be done.

Rather than buy new clothes I decided I needed to do something. I also needed to feel better about myself. I wanted more energy to keep up with my kids. A fellow mum recommended The 1:1 Diet and I had seen her results. I decided to give the diet a try. I now have more energy and it is easier to do exercise such as jogging when you don’t carry as much weight.

Fancy giving it a go?

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