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My Story

My weight struggles began at the age of 18 after experiencing some personal struggles and turning to food for comfort.

My weight steadily increased from that age until reaching a new high of over 100kgs. I tried so many ways to lose weight and countless programs but nothing stuck. I was so unhappy and tired from putting on a fake front of happiness but still, the drive to change my life around was not there.

My defining moment came in February 2018 when I went through the worst time of my life. Nothing else I had ever gone through compared to the pain of this event. After being pregnant for 6 months, my husband and I went for our 24-week checkup and were told that our son’s heart has stopped beating. Our lives were literally turned upside down. Within a day, I was induced and delivered our stillborn son. To say I was an emotional wreck is a complete understatement. I felt a level of pain that I had never experienced before. I was a mother without a child.

It wasn’t until that moment of truth hit me that I decided to change my life around. How was I possibly going to start a family and have a successful pregnancy if I was so unhealthy? My husband and I shed so many tears and I just couldn’t do it anymore. Not just for me, but for him and for our families that were also living our pain.

Therefore, I made the decision to begin my journey and have never looked back. I strictly stuck to the program on Step 1A each week – including tracking my water to the millilitre to ensure that I was following the program properly. Halfway through my journey, I went overseas but knew I wanted to stay on track and decided to take products with me so that the holiday wouldn’t slow my progress down. Yes, I was literally walking around Egypt, Greece, and Japan with a Cambridge bar in my hand! My drive for success was so strong as the results I was achieving weekly were consistent and thus became hungry for the results and didn’t stop until I saw my goal weight.

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