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I am 28 years of age and have a 2-year-old baby girl.

I have been overweight my entire life. It has impacted all aspects of my life from my wellbeing and confidence and more recently, my career. Working in ladies’ clothing and not being able to wear the brand I work for was a big wake up call. I have missed out on a lot due to my weight including social occasions and, now having a daughter, refusing to take her to swimming lessons due to a fear of wearing bathers. Being overweight for such a long time definitely impacted on my psychological and emotional health. Being unhappy with your own weight goes hand in hand with depression and having a warped view of my own body image. It has made me a more introverted person.

The 1:1 Diet products are a massive incentive to making it achievable with so much variety. Not having to think about portion control or how much sugar is in each product, as a full time working mum, it was perfect to reset my mind and stick to a strict diet. Having a supportive Consultant on hand for advice at any time, as well as weekly check-ins, made me stick around to see the plan through.

I believe in the 1:1 Diet, it is the only weight loss program that has kept the weight off for me. It has the largest range of products from soups and shakes to the rice and pasta dishes. A big part of the struggle with diets is cutting soft drink and alcohol but Cambridge even has a compromise with a water flavouring available. For such a reasonable price, it is so easy to follow the steps and educate yourself on how to eat and what to eat when working up through the steps for weight stabilisation. I’m now a Consultant for the brand and passing on my knowledge to help others achieve their own weight loss goals.

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