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Married for 10 years have 2 kids 5 and 8.

I used to play a lot of rugby growing up and always trained a lot which kept me very fit. After moving to Australia and getting married the pressures of living here with a mortgage etc. meant less time for training and the fitness levels soon dropped off.

My wife Melissa started the 1:1 Diet after a friend of ours had a great 30-kilo loss and I joined her a week later. With the guidance of my outstanding Consultant Holly, I managed to win the Cambridge Slim and Win challenge by dropping 20 kilos in 7 weeks. My wife and I had the privilege of representing Cambridge on the Today Extra segment regarding the effects of weight gain on relationships.

I have been overweight for approximately 10 years. Low self-esteem, low-self worth, depression, stress, and fatigue are all words I would associate now with weight gain. The arguments my wife and I would have made the house an unhappy place for the whole family. The weight loss feels like it has lifted a big cloud and replaced it with a rainbow. Everyone is happier, we do more as a family and the kids are loving their more active parents. We also recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and it feels like we have slipped back into the honeymoon period, so I feel like I am already a winner.

I have tried a few other diets, but nothing compares to the results experienced with Cambridge. The 1:1 Diet has been a truly life-changing experience for my whole family. With weight loss came happiness and love, our family has a much stronger bond now as my wife and I have chosen to make the journey together.

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