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My Story

I’m a 44-year-old primary school teacher.

Whilst I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, it really escalated after the loss of both of my parents when I was in my 30s. My world was crushed, and I was an emotional eater. I lost all purpose in life, I was just surviving and didn’t care about anything. I didn’t put any thought into what went into my mouth. Everything is a struggle when you are carrying extra weight.

I tried other products but some of the shakes and bars tasted horrible, were not filling and I didn’t find them sustainable. I got engaged last year – I had wanted to propose earlier but didn’t want to be a fat groom. I couldn’t hold off forever so when I proposed we made a pact that we would get fit and healthy before the big day. My fiancé has always struggled with her weight too and needed me to support her.

Prior to the 1:1 Diet, my fiancé made a Doctor’s appointment for me and my results were shocking and a real wake-up call. I was placed on blood pressure medication and Metformin for Type 2 diabetes. Urgent action was needed! My doctor referred me to a gastric surgeon to have gastric surgery, but my fiancé recommended we try the 1:1 Diet. Next thing I know, we were booked in to meet our Consultant – Michelle Farrall! Within 8 weeks, we had lost enough weight to know that surgery would not be necessary and had cancelled our appointment with the gastric surgeon.

Before starting Cambridge, my blood sugar levels ranged from 10-16 and I felt dizzy and tired. I couldn’t sleep. My blood pressure was dangerously high and I was a type 2 diabetic.
After losing weight, my blood sugar levels have stabilised and I can now sleep 6-7 hours each night. My blood pressure is now in a healthy range and my energy levels have improved. For the first time in years, I enjoy exercising and go for regular bike rides.

This plan is simple to follow and achievable and it has taught me about healthy eating and portion size and making good choices.

Fancy giving it a go?

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