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I am a 56-year-old who had become increasingly downhearted and self-conscious having gained the initial baby weight (Mostly due to the fact that I had IVF and surgeries and hormones to try to fall pregnant causing massive weight gain), which would not budge and then gradually gained weight following the birth of my daughter over the next 20 years which caused me to become a size 16 from my usual size 8. My height is only 4 ft 10 inch so this meant my BMI was up to startling 35.59 and a weight of 76.9 kg when I first saw Niki Kendrick. My BMI and weight clearly put me in a concerning health risk category.

I also suffer from diagnosed Fibromyalgia (an inflammatory autoimmune disorder) which means that exercise is not really an option other than very light walking. I slowly found myself wanting to hide rather than go out and I’m a really usually a bubbly personality. My self-confidence and my self-image had declined badly. Niki was an incredible lady and a very professional consultant who helped me remain motivated and accountable. My most memorable moment and heartfelt thanks to 1:1 Diet was that I was able to look beautifully slim and gorgeous as Mother of the Bride at my daughter’s recent wedding losing over 20 kg. Before starting the Diet I was dreading the photos and the wedding day as I knew how overweight I was. But thanks to the 1:1 Diet I looked amazing and had so many compliments.

The best part of this story is that even after a year the 20kg weight loss is still off because of the steps and design of the Diet. The 1:1 Diet so changed my life and I was so excited at what it had done for me that no diet before had that everyone pretty much who knew me began talking to me about the Diet and I was able to refer (either directly through me or through a referral from me over …. People to Niki). Regardless of the outcome of the Competition, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Niki and the 1:1 Diet. Thank you and bless you from the bottom of my heart.

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