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Hello, my name is Catherine. I am a Professor in Nursing and about to turn 40. For most of my life, I was healthy, playing badminton in my teens and through to my twenties, and then it all stopped. I started my doctoral studies full-time with a newborn and an 18mo toddler. Juggling the pressure of both saw the weight pile on. Throughout my thirties, my priorities were my children and my nursing career. Eventually, l lost parts of me. Badminton was gone from my life due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. Poor eating and normalizing a glass of wine, or two, was happening far too often. Looking back over those years, I can see how this lifestyle slowly chipped away at my self-confidence, self-esteem, and I developed a sense of “I can’t lose weight”.

During the COVID19 lockdown, I thought right “there must be another diet you can try” and I stumbled across The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. I researched it and thought “wow” and I phoned my Consultant, Leanne, straight away. What a great decision that was. Fast forward five and half months and I have lost 35 kilos.

What worked for me was knowing that the plan was evidence-based given my nursing background, and the products are packed full of nutrition “so I’d be the healthiest I’d been in ages and safely losing weight”. I am time poor and with this plan, there is no measuring, counting, weighing, you decide on which products you would like, and pop them in your bag. “That’s it, simple and convenient!”

It’s amazing to see, the weight just falls off because if you “trust the plan” it “rewards you every week with weight loss” and that is the powerful motivation to keep going to reach the goal. My consultant was one of my biggest supporters and celebrated every week with me and kept me accountable. I always advocate for this plan and most of my nursing colleagues are also now doing the plan with Leanne and having fantastic success too!

My journey:

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