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Consultant to National Slimmer of the Year
Above and Beyond Award
5 years consulting

My Story

Hi I’m Zoey, Welcome to my page and Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming the you that you deserve to be!

We all have been there – drank too much, ate even more, felt so full, bloated, lethargic that you physically feel sick. Then the feeling of not fitting in clothes that you once wore and now living in the same shapeless things, the vicious cycle of this was me until I started on Cambridge Weight Plan to get back into shape, lose the weight, gain more confidence, to feel not only physically better but mentally better too…

So now is the time to really do this… We all initially thought it would not be possible, it would be too hard, we’d get fed up, but believe me, Cambridge Weight Plan is the best, easiest, quickest and one of the safest ways, scientifically proven to help you achieve your weight loss goals and lifestyle change.

Together we can AND will do it! It is hard work but that’s because it’s a whole lifestyle change not just a fad diet. Dedication from you along with constant support and encouragement from me, you too can look and feel as good about yourself, inside and out.

I’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight with CWP, had 2 slimmers in our annual competition with one winning the title of Australian Slimmer of the Year 2014 and going on to represent Australia in the International Slimmer of the Year Awards in England. Also being the first consultant in Australia to win the Above & Beyond award for challenging my clients to push themselves that little bit further. From there I had one of the first couples entered into our “In It Together” category, making it to the finals. Could you be next?

Being a Consultant isn’t just about supplying our fantastic products, it’s about supporting and motivating you in your transformation, to help you see that you can do it, being there through the ups and downs along the way and knowing I’m there for you when you need me, not just during but after your weight loss too!

My experience and knowledge can help you reach your goals too. No matter how much weight you want to lose, I’m here to help you every step of the way. The possibilities are endless with Cambridge Weight Plan.

The next step to finding out more, book a FREE consultation. Feel free to call me for a chat or simply drop me an email or text and I get back to you within 24 hours.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey towards being the you that you want to be 🙂


Zoey is an absolute gem. She is funny, enthusiastic, personable, kind and just an all round awesome human being; which makes her an amazing consultant. She is always supportive and seems to have a knack of sending just the right motivational text when you need it most! She is patient, flexible and accommodating all of which were key for me to stay on plan. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone thinking of starting The 1:1 Diet to lose any amount of weight.


We both felt a bit daunted about trying Cambridge Weight Plan but were motivated to make a change. Meeting our consultant Zoey put our minds at ease. She was so friendly and encouraging. Her Monday Motivation messages were a great reminder to stay on track. Having a wide range of products ensured that we had lots of options when it came to meals and snacks throughout the day. Having weigh ins with Zoey each week was genuinely like catching up with a friend. There was no pressure to lose weight, following the plan worked and we saw and felt results.

Ken & Sarah

After years of struggling with my weight a friend recommended The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. After looking online for a consultant I called Zoey to book an appointment. Even though I was still sceptical about whether Cambridge would work for me, I went to my initial consultation & from our first meeting  she made me feel comfortable as she explained about the meal replacement products & how the program worked through the plan. I thought I had nothing to lose (except the weight!) in giving it a go, so we set a goal, I purchased my products and my weight loss journey began. I’ve tried other meal replacement programs before but found the lack of variety in products to be disappointing but The 1:1 Diet had such a great selection that it was easy for me to find something that I enjoyed; from soups, shakes to porridge’s to chocolate bars! After seeing the results from 1 week, I was surprised to find how well it worked for me and I was hooked. Friday weigh-ins fast became my favourite time of the week, even when I hadn’t lost much or the occasional times I put a little on, Zoey wouldn’t let me feel down, she was always so full of encouragement. Without her support I don’t think I would of reached my 50kg target, not only is she an amazing consultant but she also became a great friend. Thank you Zoey & Thank you The 1:1 Diet  for changing my life.


When I chose Zoey for my 1:1 Diet Consultant, I had no idea the impact that she would have on my life.  With Zoey by my side, I initially lost 17kgs and she constantly reminded me that once I was in “the zone,” nothing could stop me. Quite simply, Zoey is one of the loveliest people I have ever met and she sincerely wants to help her clients to become the best version of themselves.  I strongly believe that mental & physical health go hand in hand – and with Zoey’s constant dedication of always going above & beyond to encourage me and reminding me of this, I know that nothing is going to stop me from becoming my best self. I choose not to be on this crazy ride without Zoey.  The 1:1 Diet has so many success stories & in Zoey I have found my weight loss consultant, the person who gives me the 1/1 support & more importantly – a beautiful & very genuine lady who has become my friend for life.  Quite simply, when you meet Zoey & see her smile, it will literally light up your day & you will walk away from your meeting with her, with the knowledge that you have found the right person for you to also help you on your journey.


Zoey was a superstar. It was a pleasure going to see her every week, she always greeted me with a huge smile. Zoey was a great motivator and without her support I could not of achieved the weight loss, more than that I’ve gained a friend.