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Works from home
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Consultant to National Slimmer of the Year
Consultant to State Slimmer of the Year
Business Development Award
5 years consulting

My Story

I was first introduced to the Cambridge Weight Plan in mid 2014 by a friend who was successfully losing weight on the program. Just like all the previous diets I had attempted, I thought ‘not another fad diet’.

The next time I ran into my friend she had lost a tremendous amount of weight and looked amazing, she was so happy and full of energy. She suggested that I give it a try as she saw me depressed and uncomfortable with myself.

I was newly married and always said I wouldn’t let myself go, but found myself putting on weight and falling into very unhealthy habits. It was just one excuse after the next.

I went into hibernation, I didn’t want to go anywhere simply because I would think ‘what will people say when they see me?’ I also starting worrying that my husband was not attracted to me anymore and I was risking my marriage from the way I felt about myself.

In late 2014, I finally took the first step and made the call that changed my life. It was the best call I had ever made.

I started the program and found it very pleasant. The products tasted amazing and I found myself looking forward to having them. The beauty about Cambridge is the one on one support, any time I felt negative or not motivated I was put back into place by my consultant.

Just like my consultant helped me, I want to help others. Her support and motivation is the reason why I feel the way I do today and I want to share that great feeling with you.

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