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Hi, I’m Tina. I’m a consultant based in Glengowrie, Adelaide. After my own incredible success with the Cambridge Weight Plan, I decided to devote my time to help others achieve the same results.
These days, most of us lead a hectic lifestyle that makes it harder than ever to be healthy. Stretched between work, family, social activities and life in general, many of us turn to fast and easy meal options like takeaway. We indulge in that unhealthy food one too many times, and before we know it, we are carrying around extra weight.
I had my own wakeup call five years ago. At a routine appointment with my doctor, she asked if I had private health cover. She proceeded to tell me I should get it because I would likely gain another 10kg over the next year, and then would be looking at needing a lap-band procedure.
This was my turning point.
A friend had told me about Cambridge Weight Plan a few days earlier, and so the minute I left the doctor’s surgery, I was on the phone to her. I soon met with a consultant to begin my journey, and successfully lost over 30kgs.
I have tried many weight loss programs over the years, but I find this by far the most effective, because it is the easiest to stick to. The clear structure and stages to the program makes it simple to follow even when you have a busy lifestyle, and works long term to stop old habits from creeping back in.
I understand the struggles you go through and the feelings you have about the way you look when you are carrying extra weight. I also know how hard it is to stay motivated to lose weight when life distractions get in the way. Having experienced all of this myself, I now love helping others work through it as well.
I’m looking forward to hearing your story and helping you achieve your weight loss goal – whether this be shedding a couple of kilos or a bigger weight loss project. I will be there for you on each step of your journey and do my very best to help you achieve your objective.
If you are fed up and ready to do something about your health and/or weight, and want some guidance to get on track, give me a call or send me an email.
Believe you can do it and you are halfway there. Together we can help you achieve your goals and feel good from the inside out.

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