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Monday : 8 am -8 pm
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My Story

As a living testimony of the success of this diet, please allow me the pleasure of guiding you through your journey, with personalized support. To me, The 1:1 Diet is so much more than just a diet. It provided me with the keys to unlock physical and mental health, wellness, increased energy levels… And – believe me when I say, “happiness”.

I never imagined that weight loss was achievable, let alone enjoyable. I had always been an overweight child and had accepted that being obese was something that I had to live with as I entered my adulthood.

In 2014, I was at 110 Kilos and looked like I was in my late 30s. I visited the UK and heard about The 1:1 Diet. I saw people who looked younger, healthier, and fitter! My sister encouraged me to try it out.  She even purchased my first month’s supply! I lost 4kgs in my first week which encouraged me to keep on going. I ended up losing 30kgs in 3 months and celebrated my birthday wearing a size 10, which is the smallest size I had ever worn in my adult life. My skin was radiant, I was more confident and outgoing, I had lots of energy, and I even looked younger than I was at 21! The 1:1 Diet had equipped me with a lifetime of knowledge on weight management and I was able to maintain a healthy weight for the years that followed. In 2018, I moved to Adelaide to attend graduate school and had a very vibrant, busy life as a student in a new country and was able to maintain my weight effortlessly.  But in 2020, after graduation, I started several jobs that involved very long working hours and with the pandemic effects, I piled some weight back on. I decided to turn back to my beloved 1:1 Diet that had proven to be so effective.

I am so positive for you to reach your goals and dreams. We’ll work together to get the results you desire.

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