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Losing weight is a constant battle for many of us. Let alone the constant struggle we face as a society that glorifies women with the perfect body shape. For years I’ve struggled with my weight. As a graphic designer, I’ve spent most days uplifting brand image and couldn’t find the time to look after my own wellbeing. I suffered from antenatal and postnatal depression when I had my second child. My weight skyrocketed and the first thing to go was my confidence.

During the 2021 pandemic, trying to overcome my anxiety, I finally made the decision to heal myself inside out. The lockdown gave me the opportunity to take the time for self-care and with the help of my wonderful consultant, I started thinking of food as fuel. Step by step I changed my way of thinking… putting the fear and judgements behind me. I was now finally doing something for myself which I haven’t done in years – and in just 6 months I shed 10kg. It felt so good! Losing weight is a mind game. But this time I was determined and the results were amazing!

Taking control of my diet has put me in a much healthier headspace. But I couldn’t have done it without a plan.

The 1:1 Diet is worth sharing! It’s fuss-free and so convenient when you are a full-time mum, have to keep up with household chores, and work full time! I would love to be able to help and motivate others on this journey while sharing what I have learned along the way. I’ve been there and know too well how hard it can be to make the first step.

If you are after a healthy new lifestyle why not give the 1:1 diet a go. I will be right beside you, cheering YOU on your weight loss journey.

What people are saying…

“Steph was my pillar throughout my weight loss journey. Always supportive and encouraging when I felt like giving up and never judgemental when I gave in to temptation. Couldn’t have done it without her!”

Lucy Ransley-Dorfman

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