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I am an independent single career woman with a zest for life and helping people. I work in Event’s Management which involves long hours and a lot of travel, I also enjoy engaging in Jewish festivities and volunteer with a local community organisation. All of this juggling often means that life is pretty much on the run. Often I would end up with uber eats or a quick muffin with a cup of coffee, at times breakfast becomes lunch and lunch becomes dinner, no consistent or healthy eating. Then came Melbourne lockdown and life on the couch after dinner lead to snack eating … not a great combination! The weight begins to creep on affecting energy, self-esteem, confidence and mood, it’s a downward spiral. I decided that I was going to change these negative patterns and take matters into my own hands, after much research I found the 1:1 diet by Cambridge plan and I’ve never looked back. I am a fussy eater but I love the various tasty options the 1:1 plan offers. I have found this a way of life and don’t feel like I’m on a diet at all, the 1:1 plan offers so much variety with the shakes, smoothies, meals and soups that I really enjoy it, never get bored and feel better than ever within myself.

Coming out of a crazy 6 months that has been trying to say the least for Melbournians, I’m excited to jump right in and help other people live their healthiest and happiest life and to feel good about themselves again by guiding them with my 1:1 journey. So whatever success looks like for you, losing a few kilo’s or losing a lot, I will support you to make positive lifestyle choices, have more energy and feel great.

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