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I am 42 and a Stay at home mum, I’m married with two children. I have always struggled with my weight and was a chubby child all through school. My weight has been a yo-yo since the birth of my first child in 1996, but after my second child was born in 2013, I started anti-anxiety and depression medication for Post Natal Depression. I felt my depression worsen as the weight piled on.
I felt sad when I saw my reflection. I didn’t like who I saw and felt that wasn’t really me. I never enjoyed going out as I never felt I looked nice and had no confidence. I had no energy or spark to connect with my family. I felt tired and depressed all the time. My back would ache after sitting for long periods. Exercise was a mind field as I struggled to be active without injuring myself as I was just too heavy!
My wake-up call came when I was informed by my doctor that I needed knee surgery if I didn’t lose weight. So I began my Cambridge weight loss journey to try and improve my health. After trying other diets, I was so impressed with the great variety of products – more than any other low calorie weight loss program I had been on. Also, the support and encouragement I received from my Consultants Jacky and Zoey, made all the difference, as well as being accountable each week with my weigh-in.
After losing 23 kg, my knees are no longer sore, so I can start to exercise and play sport again. My doctor is thrilled! The damage to my knees seems to have reversed itself!

Now I want to share this amazing plan with everyone as it has changed my life! So if you’re reading this just take the leap and do it – call now and take the first step to a better you. You’ve nothing to lose (except excess weight of course) and everything to gain!

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