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Those magical numbers on the scales have been something that I have tried to avoid most of my life.
After moving to London in my 20 s I prioritised my career and travel over my health and wellbeing. It wasn’t till I was single once again heading towards 40 that I released that the one thing I wanted in life was a baby…. feeling a bit like ‘Bridget Jones’, therefore I applied all of my business knowledge to eliminating all of the possible risks and fell pregnant on my first attempt of IVF. I was going to be a ‘geriatric’ mummy. Umm what does this mean……I will be 61 years old at her 21st!!
I decided that in order to make sure that I can be the mummy that I wanted to be and be able to be there for my daughter that I need to have my health in order. I first tried the Cambridge Weight Plan in the UK when my daughter was 9 months and lost nearly 20 kg in 2 months but most important my blood pressure returned to normal which meant I didn’t need to go on medication for the rest of my life.
Gee I don’t always get it right and at times still find it hard but having Cambridge weight plan products in my life just makes it that little bit easier.
I would love to opportunity to help you on your journey.