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My Story

My struggle with weight has been a continuos cycle throughout my adult life.

Until I discovered Cambridge Weight Plan I felt that I would always have out of control eating habits and this was just what my life had become.

I am a wife and mother of 2 gorgeous sons and as they got older I was realising that I wasn’t a great role model for them in terms of healthy lifestyle. I really felt strongly that I had to do something to make a permanent and long lasting positive change.

I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2010 and I knew that a huge part of this was because I felt so unhealthy and overweight. I had many health related anxiety attacks and was put on antidepressant medication which subsequently made me gain even more weight. I found myself in such a catch 22 situation.

In 2016 a friend who was also overweight started to look dramatically different and I asked her for guidance. She gave me the phone number of her Cambridge Weight Plan consultant and I made the call.
As I was sitting with her and she was explaining the plan to me I still really did not believe that I could make this change.

Within days of starting I was feeling incredibly different and healthier than I had in years. The results were fast and amazing with very little exercise which was a big plus for me!

With the support of my consultant I lost 30kg with Cambridge and have maintained my weight for the last 12 months which i have never been able to achieve before. I have come off all my medications and feel better than I ever have. This plan has changed not only my body and health but also my mind.

These changes have been so profound that they have motivated me to become a consultant so that I can help others achieve their weight loss, health and nutritional goals.

Please contact me so that I can support you through your own personal journey to a healthier life.

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