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Being a mother of two adult sons, one of who has survived life-threatening health issues and who I largely raised as a single mother I now find myself wanting to support others to feel as light and energetic as I do now. I started on the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan supported by my consultant when I was close to triple digits on the scales. I didn’t realise I had put on all of the extra weight I had over a period of five years. This happened because I was putting my needs and wants behind all of my family without fully realising it.

I was depressed and often riding an emotional wave that I didn’t understand. I felt like my life was spiralling out of my control and I was living in limbo waiting for someone else to give me permission to take back control of my life and health in an easy, simple healthy sustainable way so that I could shine again and be my true self. I wanted to be the person I was without the weight.

I have 19 years of experience supporting people in crisis intervention, 5 years as an aged care lifestyle assistant, qualifications in community services, experience in supporting people with addictive behaviours, administration, fitness, crisis management, first aid and personal development. I am a published author and am a Certified Level 1 & 2 Life Coach.
I have travelled extensively to India, America, Indonesia and Europe.

Since losing close to 21kgs my life has once again become my own, I am now in control of my own health and happiness. I am remembering how it feels to have the goals and desires of the much younger and healthier version of myself and I now have the energy and self-belief to follow through on my dreams. There is more travel and adventures ahead for me now and I am ready.

I am ready to help others realise their true potential by supporting them as a consultant and assisting them to take back control of their weight, choices, life and health. The feeling I have now is what I want to pass onto others, the freedom and knowing that I now have to make my own healthy choices and live my best life.

I will be based both in Melbourne’s south and south-eastern suburbs and on Flinders Island Tasmania.

Mobile appointments are also offered on request

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