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Works from home
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National Finalist
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Business Development Award
5 years consulting

My Story

I am forever grateful for being introduced to the Cambridge Weight Plan as it has not only changed my life for the better, but that of my wife, family and friends also.

I have always been a bigger person and most people in my life have seen the success and failures I’ve had with weight, food and exercise. I’d do really well on a new diet for a while and be really focused, and then get to a point where those temptations start to creep back and I’d be back to square one, only this time with even more weight to lose.

I’ve always suffered from high cholesterol and after going for my annual health check in early 2014, I was shocked to discover that my cholesterol was at its highest ever, as too was my weight. This is when I decided to try the Cambridge Weight Plan as I’d seen people at work loose staggering amounts of weight on the program, so I knew it worked. The weight literally just fell off me, I never felt hungry and had heaps of energy. Every week, I looked forward to weighing in as the scales were now my friend, no longer the enemy.

My results inspired my wife Carolyn to embark on her own Cambridge journey. Diagnosed at an early age with an underactive thyroid, Carolyn has been overweight since she was 12 years old. Constantly being teased and ridiculed about her weight led her to take drastic measures to try and lose it. She had tried every diet and weight loss pill available without any sustained results, and even underwent weight loss surgery, which unfortunately also failed. Cambridge has changed her life as it’s the only program that she has ever stuck too, and her results speak for themselves.

Both Carolyn and I are now the smallest we have ever been in our adult lives. We are more energetic, healthier and happier. We decided to become Consultants so that we can help people achieve the same results that we have. Because if we can do this, anyone can!

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your own weight loss goals.

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