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Consultant to National Slimmer of the Year
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10 years consulting
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My Story

Hi there, well you have taken the first step and started your search for the right consultant for you. Now comes the choosing part…………… Read on to find out a little about my story…………
I was first introduced to 1:1 Diet in England when I was trying to find a way of losing weight after having my second child, as I had struggled to get back to where I had been before falling pregnant! With the 1:1 support that was given I started to see results straight away and my first week’s weigh in left me with the accountability and courage to continue. I loved the choice of products, the variety helped to keep me on track and I soon managed to get back into my favourite pair of jeans! I had amazing support from my Consultant she really helped to keep me motivated and successful, and then suggested that I became a Consultant myself. For three years I helped people in my hometown in the UK achieve their weight loss goal. When I immigrated to Australia, I was fortunate enough to find that I had the opportunity of continuing the role of consultant which I love.
I still use the products to maintain a healthy balance in my life, as I know that I am having a meal replacement that is full of micro nutrients , the right mix of carbohydrates, protein, etc, also adding to 30% of my daily nutritional intake, while keeping me in a healthy mindset. Not only that, they taste great too!
In my first year of consulting in Australia I was lucky to have the chance of helping my client Georgie Holbeche achieve an amazing weight loss of 65kg, she became the first winner of the Australian Slimmer of the Year Award in 2012 and we had the privilege to travel to the UK and enter the International Slimmer of the Year. It was an amazing experience and Georgie finished in the top three. Georgie has made changes to her lifestyle, eating habits, and she is still maintaining her weight loss.
Over the years since 2012 I have helped so many achieve their goal and have walked the road to success with them. Navigating the bumps, offering advice to help get past the difficult times and enjoying the results as a client changes to a happier and healthy version of themselves. My role as a consultant has given me so much pleasure, not only do I get to see the amazing transformations, I get to meet some lovely people along the way.
If you are unsure as to whether this is for you, then ask yourself “What have I got to lose?”. Other than those kilos, nothing! The consultation is free, the products are great value and there’s no obligation to continue if you find the plan doesn’t fit with your lifestyle. But what if it does, and in that first week you see the amazing results of kilos lost when you step on the scales, how good will you feel. The 1:1 support gives you accountability, help with motivation, and guidance throughout every step you take.
I am based in Ocean Reef (in the northern suburbs of Perth) and see clients on an informal, relaxed and 1:1 basis, also offering a remote service for those without a consultant in their area.
Please take the step to call me, and I will help with any questions you may have.

What people are saying…

I can’t describe how amazing I feel. The weight is dropping off me; I feel so much better health-wise, emotionally, and physically.

These products are so yummy and more filling than you’d think! It’s not always super easy to stay on track but Niki is always there to keep me focused and support me. She is amazing! She is right beside me cheering me on on my weight loss journey, and any questions or struggles I have she is ready with the solution.

If you want to lose weight and feel great, talk to Niki.

Jillian Tunbridge-Brown

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