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Rouse Hill NSW

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Works from home
Remote Consultant
Qualified Personal Trainer
Consultant to a National Finalist
Remote Consultant of the Year
5 years consulting

My Story

Like a lot of women out there, I have always carried a bit of extra weight around my hips, bottom and thighs. This never really bothered me. I enjoyed being a curvy UK size 12/14. I then got married, fell pregnant instantly and gained a ‘normal’ amount of weight. I then, however, fell pregnant again when my son was 11 weeks old. When my daughter was born in August 2010 I found myself with double baby weight to shift!

After much research and a successful consultation with my UK Consultant, I decided Cambridge Weight Plan was how I was going to shift these extra kilos. By February 2011, I’d exceeded my (and everyone else’s) expectations and got down past my pre-pregnancy weight, losing in excess of 20kgs.

I successfully maintained my weight loss until I fell pregnant with baby number three. I wasn’t far into my pregnancy when it became obvious that the trend I’d followed in my previous pregnancies was to be continued! I knew I’d need the help of Cambridge when this baby was born. However, I was living in Rockhampton, Queensland at this stage, and there were no consultants within an eight-hour radius of me! I contacted head office, and as I’d been a successful slimmer in UK, they agreed to have me train to become a consultant. So off I went to Melbourne, eight months pregnant to do my training!

I was also one of two consultants who participated in the Remote Consultant Pilot and have been accredited to consult in this way since 2015. This enabled me to help people lose weight With Cambridge that ordinarily wouldn’t be able to, due to their location, having no local consultants.

January 2013, my third (and final) child arrived – three months later I started losing the baby weight. In this final journey of weight loss, I paired it with exercise. Something I’ve never done before, I was a dancer in my youth, but never sporty! I’d avoid exercise as if it were the plague! I won’t lie, the fact my local gym offered FREE crèche for my three young children, may have had a large part to play in my decision to join… but hey, it got me there! If you had told me then, in 2013, that I’d learn to love exercise so much, that I’d end up pairing my Cambridge Consulting business with my Personal Training business… I’d have laughed in your face!

Now, I get to help my clients maintain the healthy life choices they’ve learned along their Cambridge journey, with exercise. If I can not only learn to like exercise but love it… trust me when I say you can, too!


  • Accredited Independent Cambridge Consultant 2012
  • Accredited Remote Consultant 2015
  • Cert III & Cert IV in fitness via FITcollege 2016.
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Licensed STRONG Nation® Instructor
  • Licensed Zumba® Fitness Instructor.


  • Remote Consultant of the year 2016

What people are saying….

Nicole is an awesome coach, who encourages me to be the best version of me I can be. She has helped me so much over the last year of my journey, never dwelling if I slip up, just focussing on how we can move forward. I would recommend Nicole to anyone, and they would be lucky to have her in their corner.

Kelly Cairns. Winmalee, NSW.


Nicole is very caring, supportive, and definitely the best in the West. She is a huge inspiration to me, and helped me patiently, to keep on with my weight goal. Because of her passion, and personal guidance, I would, and do refer anyone I can to her. She is an amazing ambassador for CWP.

Glen Vickery. Riverstone, NSW.


Motivational, knowledgeable, bubbly & friendly… all words I would use to describe my Cambridge “Supermum” coach Nicole. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and finding a plan that works for you and your body, it is so easy to be sold false expectations. You can trust Nicole to tailor a plan to suit your needs and be there to guide you along each step of the way. She not only represents Cambridge Weight plan… she also lives it. It is so refreshing to be guided by a professional with a ‘do as I do’ not just ‘do as I say’ attitude. If you are ready to reach your goals… reach out to Nicole!

Carla C. Thornleigh, NSW.


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