Nicole Gandy

Picnic Point NSW

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Works from home
Virtual Consultant
Consultant of the Year
Business Development Award
State Business Champion
Spotlight of the Year Award
5 years consulting
Silver Champion

My Story

As a very active person, I couldn’t understand why my weight fluctuated so much. After trying what seemed like every diet on the planet, with just short term success, I then discovered The 1:1 Diet, it’s amazingly easy and it really works I managed to loose 18kg in a short amount of time and have found it easy to maintain. I feel so elated to look and feel like the real me again and in control of my weight for the first time in years.

I became a 1:1 Diet Consultant so I could help others realise the same success.

Contact me now, so I can give you the support you need, to find the new you.

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