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Maudsland QLD


QLD Regional Coordinator


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Hey Empowered and Amazing Being!

Let me offer you the warmest welcome to my page.  I am the biggest believer in divine order and just know that you have landed here because you are open and ready to make some big changes in your world.  Sound about right?  Then read on…

My name is Natalie and I am a mindset and freedom coach helping hundreds of men and women to transform their mind and body with Cambridge Weight Plan.  I am the Regional Coordinator for Cambridge Weight Plan Australia and together with my leading team of elite Consultants, we are helping people to change their lives.

I completely understand the struggles you go through on the miserable and self esteem destroying merry go round of yo-yo dieting.  I know how how hard it is to stay motivated and on track when you’re on a diet that leaves you feeling miserable, tired and deprived.  I’ve been there and I was emotionally and physically on the floor.  I had 35kg to lose, had tried everything and felt like there was no hope when I discovered Cambridge Weight Plan.

See, I really have been where you are right now, and I totally feel your pain.  I want you to know that it is my mission to stop you from giving up on your dreams and to help you to regain your confidence and self esteem.  I want to show you how to master your mindset and take charge to create the life you deserve.  No more missing out on family photos.  No more starving yourself and trying to hate yourself thin.

I am here to show you the self love way, the emotional and physical nourishment way to regain your health and wellness.  I am here to show you how to reconnect to your incredible, limitless power so that you can confidently move forward and live your life to the fullest.

You can say goodbye to the inconsistent results, the hunger and deprivation – they have been taking you away from yourself for too long!

IMAGINE – A program that suits your goals, expectations and lifestyle.

IMAGINE – A fully licensed, accredited consultant and mindset coaching providing you with elite 1:1 coaching and support on a weekly basis.

IMAGINE – Complete peace of mind knowing that our program offers 4 phases including preparation, weight loss, stabilisation and maintenance.  You can end the yo-yo dieting and maintain your weight loss FOREVER!

IMAGINE – Having the opportunity to become a member of my elite team of consultants where you will be mentored and supported with the tools to grow your own successful business and help others to reach their fullest potential.  What a rewarding career opportunity!

I believe in you! You can do this!





Other diets won’t show you how to get to the root of your bad habits with food.  You know what they say..change you thinking, change your life! Well I can show you how to ACTUALLY master your mindset so that your thoughts serve you on a whole new level!

It is your time to shine! You serve no-one in playing small. Step up and create the life you deserve.

You do not want to miss out on being a part of my amazing tribe of clients! Join my FREE support group where you will be inspired and motivated and get to mingle with fellow slimmers who have already decided to SEIZE this opportunity to change their life!

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