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My weight struggles began at the age of 18. I was going through some personal struggles and began to emotionally eat. I found that at this time, the only thing in my life that I could control was my food; hence my bad association with food began. As a result, specifically between the age of 19 to 29, my weight steadily increased. I could not get on top of my emotional attachment to food. I found my pattern and was completely aware that every time something happened where I was unhappy in my life, I put on 10 kgs – yet I was still unable to break the trend. I tried so many ways to lose the weight and countless programs but nothing stuck. At this time, I had hit 100 kg mark. I was so unhappy and avoided being social with my friends but still my motivation to change my life around was not there.

In February 2018, I went through the worst time of my life. Nothing else I had ever gone through compared to the pain of this event. After being pregnant for 6 months, my husband and I went for our 24 week check-up and were told that our son’s heart had stopped beating. Our lives were literally turned upside down. It was a complete shock. Within a day, I was induced and delivered our stillborn son. To say I was an emotional wreck is a complete understatement. Again, my pattern continued, and I put on another 10 kgs to deal with our loss.

It wasn’t until late June this year that I finally had enough. I saw pictures of myself at my brother in laws wedding and wanted to cry. All I kept thinking was “how am I supposed to have a baby when I’m so unhealthy?”. I looked tired and swollen and that was literally my turning point. I booked my first appointment with my consultant and started that day and have never looked back. After losing over 30 kgs, I am proud to say that my life has completely changed for the better. Not only do I look better physically, but the mental changes have been amazing and probably the most prominent. The Cambridge program has put an end to my bad relationship with food and through the support of my consultant, I have been able to remain consistent and motivated to continue my success week in week out.

The struggles with my weight over the last 10 years and the liberty that I have found with the Cambridge program, have been my biggest motivator in becoming a consultant. I want to be able to change people’s perspective on their lives and allow them to finally let go and be happy again. I am completely aware of the hold that food or a bad event in someone’s life can have on a person and I would love to help others break the cycle.

If you feel that my story resonates with you in any way or you’re like me and have just had enough of feeling down all the time, please contact me. I promise to give it my all and help you on your journey to be the best version of yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey.

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