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My family and I, recently moved from Greece to Australia for a new start in life. The move was very stressful for us saw my husband gain a lot of weight. He always struggled with his weight however this time, the weight was higher than ever before and despite trying a number of diets, none didn’t work.

Cambridge Weight Plan has changed my family’s life. I’m so proud of my husband who following the Cambridge Weight Plan steps and with the support of his consultant, lost 25kg in less than 5 months. He feels fitter, healthier and better about himself than ever before.

Watching his journey, motivated me to face my own eating obsessions with chocolates, junk food and soft drinks. If he could do it so could I, and, i did it. Cambridge taught me to control my eating habits and now I feel healthier and happier than ever.

Now I’m an accredited Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant and I’m passionate about helping others find their way back to a healthy lifestyle. I strongly believe that the Cambridge weight plan offers the best weight management plan available.

It worked for my husband , it worked for me , it can work for you!!

If you are committed to making a change, I can offer you all the support, encouragement and motivation you need on your own weight loss journey and also help you maintain that weight loss long-term.

Take that first step today and contact me for a free confidential consultation. I work from home in Wheelers Hill in a relaxed environment .

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